The mysterious disappearance of a man who investigated mysteries for a living.

The Case

In December of 2015, UK police filed a missing persons report for a 39 year old man named James Scythe. James had last been seen in the city of Southampton, he’d been staying at a local hotel named The Dolphin in room 309. Police were originally called when Mr Scythe’s stay had ended without him checking out and after hotel staff entered his room. What officers found in the room would set the internet alight with speculation and made this story into one of the biggest internet mysteries of last year.

It would come to appear that James was working for a branch of the British Government, whats more is that his role was something similar to that of Nick Pope (former head of the MOD’s UFO desk) or something similar to what Project Blue Book was in the United States. What was found in James’ hotel room would lead to the conclusion that his work was based around the de-bunking of paranormal phenomena, a job mostly reserved for science fiction. Whats more is that James was working on a case in the city of Southampton at the time of his disappearance.

What follows is everything we know up to this point.

This is the case of man who investigated mysteries for a living, mysteriously dissappearing.

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