The Spectral Sceptic

Little is known of the past 8 years of his life, as James Scythe appears to have lived largely off the grid. In more recent years, however, it seems he became once more possessed by the subjects of his former profession, setting up the serialized podcast "The Spectral Sceptic", in which he discussed the unusual cases which he once professionally studied in agonizing, painstaking detail, month by month.

Intriguingly, it would seem that his most recent obsessions may have been the very cases that led him to visit Southampton in December of 2015, which may well have been the first time he returned to the city since his wife’s tragic death.

The most recent episode of the podcast, recorded not long before James’ disappearance, deals with bizarre cases of a youth gang called "Callous Heart", and a night terror phenomena dubbed "The Stranger", the mythological inception of both rooted in Southampton folklore.

You can listen to the episode below. Perhaps I am overthinking everything in context of James’ vanishing, but to me at least it sounds like James is obviously distressed during the recording of this episode; there are several stumbles and losses of composure which would strongly suggest that he was experiencing anxiety about the subjects at hand. Anyway, take a listen and see for yourself.

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