What We Know

James Scythe was born December 25th 1975 in Kirriemuir Angus, Scotland but moved to Milbank London as a young child. Though the details of this man’s life are still being put together, we do know from public records that James married a Mary Scythe, née Darling, in 1994 and that he began his work for a covert branch of the UK Government in 2002.

In a very tragic turn of events, news reports would indicate that Mary Scythe passed away in 2006, in a car wreck on the M27 on the outside of Southampton, UK. James was in fact at the wheel when the accident took place. One local article published in the Southampton Daily Echo reported that he "sustained severe injuries to his left hand". The sad irony doesn’t evade me, that the site of his wife’s death is now also the site of his own disappearance. Following this personal tragedy, James continued his Government work until 2008, when he was discharged from office, for reasons unknown.

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